Thursday, June 21

Delicious Shifts

Yesterday was deliciously hot, by Vancouver in June standards. In the bright evening Gordan and I walked along the sea wall.

Life has shifted slightly. We are becoming the people we've been wanting to be. Experience is slightly more delicious. We've gotten easier about everything.

I've been reading "Herbal Prescriptions for Better Health" by Donald J. Brown. He profiles around a dozen of what he finds to be the most useful herbs for modern conditions. It's an excellent, straightforward resource, with a lot of useful detail.

Rosemary Gladstar's "Family Herbal" is another excellent resource, it's much more inclusive and traditional and fun. The two books may complement each other well.

One thing's for certain--we're going to be taking Siberian Ginseng, an overall tonic.

I'm also contemplating "Heart Soda", perhaps with hawthorn and hibiscus and rosehips and a little rose hydrosol...