Sunday, June 17

Today's Essential Oils

One thing is certain about this blog--I'll be posting about the essential oils I'm experimenting with. Generally I will simply post the blend or blends I've created and am diffusing that day.

"The Blossoming Heart" by Robbi Zeck is my favorite text for emotional uses of essential oils, and "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy" by Julia Lawless is my favorite for physical uses. I approach essential oils as a branch of herbalism, one which is particularly handy for the small apartment dweller. For diffusing oils a candle diffuser is suitable, which you can usually find locally. If you prefer an electric diffuser, I highly recommend the aromastone. You can also diffuse essential oils in the bath or in a pot of water kept at a low temperature on the stove. Be aware of the contraindications of the essential oils you plan to use, although this is less crucial with diffusion than it is with application to the skin. Also be aware that essential oils are poisonous for cats, although cats are fine with hydrosols.

Today I combined two basic blends:

Lavender and Bergamot - This is the blend most suitable for healing depression. Lavender is cleansing and nurturing, while bergamot is sympathetically uplifting. It is not only for depression, however. These are two wonderful oils which both complement most other oils. I consider them both "backbones" in a blend... they provide a healing, cleansing, harmonious background for the other oils. Thus they can be suitable even when it isn't a question of distinct depression, but there is a certain unsettled energy in the air, as a preventative dose of happiness and wellbeing.

Rose and Cinnamon - Zeck describes each oil with two words, two opposites. She designates rose as the oil of love/isolation and cinnamon as the oil of connection/withdrawal. You can probably see why these two seemed like a natural combination to me, and also why I love Zeck's approach! My rose oil is 10% diluted in jojoba carrier oil, to make it affordable. Cinnamon is so strong, it might be nice if it was diluted too.

Together these four oils create a blend which is soothing and cleansing, yet also active, promoting a sweet warmth, appreciation, and insight. It is both healing and inspiring, a great blend for intimate social events.