Monday, July 2

In Which the Industrial Revolution Comes to my House

Exciting news! I have become one of those people who has a sewing machine... and is not afraid to use it!

I actually bought it, a kenmore 16764, a month ago. The arrangement is that I am sharing it with Dragana, whose old sewing machine went kaput. She will actually use it, and she is also teaching me how to use it. I had planned to start sewing in a few years, because I already have my thumbs in so many pies. Then Sears had a big sale, I had a gift card, and it all worked out perfectly!

I didn't expect to do any real sewing myself at first. However to my surprise I've been thinking about things I'd like to have that I could sew myself. There's the dropcloths for artmaking, which could be hemmed. I wanted some cotton produce bags, as our grocery delivery sends us vegetables with no bags--and realized I could easily make them myself. Then I decided to start an extra knitting project besides the shawl I'm currently making, and for that I could use an extra knitting bag. My current knitting bag (pictured below) is a lovely simple square cotton bag with a drawstring which I stash in my purse, and another one should be easy to make.

Dragana will soon be sewing a simple ceremonial robe for Gordan. So we bought our respective fabrics, went home and opened the sewing machine box for the first time. It was a lot of fun setting it up with her, because while that particular machine is new to her, she already knows how sewing machines generally work.

I started on my knitting bag last night and was having a grand old time, until the threads snagged and broke somewhere along the way. I think it will be easy to fix myself at this point, with the manual. I'm so delighted at all the easy useful things I'm going to make, and how eventually my stitch will go in a straight line! Stay tuned for further adventures!