Sunday, July 22

All Things Come To Me By Virtue Of My Vibration

The thought that keeps circling through my head: "All things come to me by virtue of my vibration."

All that is exists in many forms. It exists in the forms in which we usually perceive it. It also exists in the form of vibrations. We perceive vibrations, according to Abraham-Hicks, as emotions primarily. The most suitable practical synonymns for vibration are emotions, feelings, and mindset.

This idea has interesting parallels in older philosophies, and I am excited about rereading Abhinavagupta and Hazrat Inayat Khan (among others) in light of Abraham's teachings.

Thoughts are curious things. The thoughts you think express your vibration. At the same time, your vibration attracts the thoughts you will think. At the same time, you can change your vibration to some extent by changing your thoughts. While they are consistent with your vibration, to some degree they are also a bit of a wild card which allows you greater empowerment. It's also possible to change one's vibration directly, without having to work through thoughts. However I find that this usually does not come naturally.

The idea presenting itself most directly is that I can lighten up on the thoughts that are not serving me, simply let go of them and let them fade away. I still have the tendency to attempt to work on them, which usually makes them more active in my life. An alternative is to focus with greater openess and vision on my desires. Several months ago I let go of a particular habit of obsessing over unwanted subjects. Not that I never obsess anymore, but the habit has lost all its previous power; it comes up now and then but it doesn't interest me in the way it used to. However, I still live in a world which tends to seek improvement by focusing on the unwanted. This does work, but it is slow, painful, and ineffective. Often it takes many generations for change to unfold this way. I want to change as an individual, freely. I want to let go of the social structures which are focusing me on what is not wanted as a (the) method of improvement.

The key, which I have forgotten slightly over the past few months, is dynamic acceptance of the unwanted. This is closely parallel to Gandhi's teachings in particular. We have the tendency to focus on the unwanted, to resist it, and to rationalize endlessly why it makes us unhappy, why we don't like it, and why we are still focused on it. This is, usually, a complete waste of time. Although not always--there are times when focusing on the unwanted helps us to refine our desires. Well it always helps us to do this, but sometimes that further refinement is necessary, at other times we can happily do without it.

Again, I keep attempting to solve the problem, to figure out how I do want to relate to these social structures. I don't need to intellectually figure out a solution. All things come to me by virtue of my vibration. I will orient myself towards the emotional tone which I desire, and the suitable actions will come to me at the right time, through inspiration.

And the best way to orient myself to an emotional tone or vibration which seems relatively out of reach is (at this moment--there are other methods which may be more suitable under different emotional circumstances) to find the scraps of those feelings which I am experiencing right now or lately, and focus on those and appreciate those. Then the fuller vibration will come easily.