Wednesday, August 15

Tour of the Continent

Hello from Ljubljana, Slovenia! It's a peaceful day here at the hostel in which we're staying. I'm alone here, eating smoked gouda on brown bread, and taking the day off before our next adventure starts tomorrow, so that I can update everyone.

I haven't even mentioned this trip at all on this blog, previously. While we'd been vaguely planning the trip for quite some time, the details unfolded rapidly and serendipitously in the weeks before we left.

The outline of the trip is that Gordan, Ivan and I are in Europe for a month. We spent four days in London, then we flew to Slovenia. There we spent a few days visiting Gordan's old friend Janez in the country, then a few days in Ljubljana. Next we'll spend a night in Zagreb, Croatia, and then go on to Bosnia. Now I don't have the clearest sense of our itinerary in Bosnia; we'll meet up with Dragana and Anselmo, and we'll spend some time in Gordan's hometown, some time in Sarajevo, and some time in a few other towns. After that we're planning to spend a week on the Croatian sea coast with Dragana and Anselmo, and then a few days in Paris visiting Leila, before we return to London and then Vancouver.

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