Wednesday, August 15

London Day Two

On our second day in London, naturally enough, we headed straight to the British Museum. That was a delightful experience--although may I be a snob and say that I think the Metropolitan in New York is better? Still they are, of course, closely parallel. We were there primarily to see John Dee's artifacts, but we couldn't resist going round to see everything else we could. Ivan, amazingly, photographed almost every single exhibit. Here are some of my favorites:

And then at last, we found John Dee:

I don't remember the exact chronology of events following. So I'll improvise. After the Museum I believe we went to Treadwell Books, the other occult bookstore. I liked this one even more; to begin with, it had plenty of chairs and as tourists, we had very sore feet. Even as a regular reader, however, it's nice to sit down and study your prospective purchase. Also the books were overall of a higher quality, generally of good substance. I discovered an encyclopaedia of herbalism--ancient and modern magickal and medical uses of herbs--that I lusted after, somewhat, but it was 200 pounds in the currency sense, and 8 pounds in the sense of weight... not very practical. They also seemed to be selling excellent quality handmade oils.

Then we were hungry for a real lunch, though we'd snacked in the Museum cafe. We headed towards Covent Garden Piazza, a lovely broad space... and found a delicious pizza restaurant. Ah, that meal was lovely and so satisfying. It was my first taste of really good European food in years. (Ivan had had some good sausages and mash in a local restaurant, but our pescatorian dishes weren't quite as delicious.) We finished our exquisite pizza and Gordan left for a certain library. Ivan and I remained in the Piazza to watch some street theatre: samurais sword fighting to beat box music, and a man who lay on a bed of nails while an Italian tourist stood on top of him.

We arrived back at the hostel at 4, and I couldn't resist; I went to sleep. So, all in all, a short day.

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