Tuesday, September 18

Essential Oil Blends

I've found a really lovely essential oil blend: spikenard, rose, and bergamot. However spikenard and rose are really quite intense so it's important to use only one drop of each oil at a time, in my diffuser.

Spikenard is a base oil. By itself, especially on first whiff, it's sort of unpleasant, as with many base oils. In combinations, it deepens a blend and brings a distinct emotional quality that I find affects me quite distinctly, though gently. Perhaps it is because of the description I read of it--that Mary Magdalene washed Jesus Christ's feet with it before he was crucified--but it really does seem to bring about a feeling of devotion and openness.

As such, it is a perfect accompaniment to rose, the essence of love in all its complexity. Rose also sweetens the earthy spikenard's scent.

And bergamot adds a note of soothing and upliftment; and to the scent it adds a very gentle citrus quality, to make things more interesting.