Friday, September 7

Return With New Eyes

I'm back from Europe!

(We'll see about the trip posts... as soon as I get the inspiration to play with them. I have a bunch that are just about finished and for the rest I have to get the pictures from Ivan's computer onto mine.)

I'm seeing my home with new eyes. And I am driven to declutter. So far I've decluttered my clothes and our bathroom stuff. Next will be the paper corner in the kitchen, when Gordan gets home from work. These are all areas I've decluttered before, but I'm being more exacting this time, to great improvement. In the meantime I've also been doing a lot of much-needed cleaning in the bathroom and kitchen.

It's hard to believe that it's nearly 3 PM. Jetlag is sort of fun, once the acute phase wears off! The weather pattern lately is that the day is cloudy and cool until around 1 PM, and then it turns warm and sunny--with an autumnal scent in the air. This is the time of year in which I miss the east coast, and wish I could introduce Gordan to the pleasures there--the crisp air, gorgeous trees, cool wind, enormous sunny days, golden leaves fluttering over the roads, exquisite fresh cider and abundant apples, tromps through the forest... not to mention the magnificent Sheep and Wool Festival in Kingston, NY.

Perhaps I'll go buy some flowers from the hardware store and plant them while the day is warm. Our porch garden wants a little color after our absence.