Friday, September 14

White Vinegar for Dandruff, New Approach to Recipes, Fertility Awareness

I'm trying something new today. I must confess that my hair gets more dandruff than I would like the day after washing. I've decided to be proactive about it. So I made a concoction of one part white vinegar to one part water, added rosemary, cedar, and lavender oils, and scrubbed that into my dry scalp. Since my hair has also been quite dry since the trip, I added a lot of olive oil to the length of my hair, and wrapped it all up in an older towel.

I'm now back with my books as the concoctions soak in, drinking my water and apple cider vinegar. I'm going to wash it all off with shampoo diluted heavily with water, as advised by my wise and lovely friend Bug. (I keep a few empty Cetaphil bottles around for just this sort of purpose--cetaphil is a nice product, the bottles are perfect, and the labels come off cleanly.) And before washing it off I'll use even more of the white vinegar solution on my scalp.

By the way--Devon this is especially for you--Bug's approach was to slowly dilute her shampoo more and more until now she basically cleans her hair with water-only, and an occasional diluted shampoo every few weeks. It's another approach to try!

I have started adding recipes to a recipe application called Connoisseur. (Several months ago I downloaded all the freeware or shareware recipe applications I could find and compared them, I liked Connoisseur the most.) So far the recipes have come from Madhur Jaffrey's "World Vegetarian" and have all been for beans and lentils. This morning I received Claudia Roden's "New Book of Middle Eastern Food" and have been reading through that, and am truly impressed.

I also got "Taking Control of Your Fertility" last night, by Toni Weschler, and I'm re-reading that. It's really a book that every woman should at least have the opportunity to read. I'm getting more seriously into the Fertility Awareness Method of birth control; the fact that I now have a lovely alarm clock will, I think, make the process more fun and effective.

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