Sunday, September 9

Today was a great day in the world of decluttering. For one thing, we found a way to put away our suitcases.

Mainly, though, I decluttered the kitchen. It's interesting how clutter relates to the psyche. I've decluttered the kitchen before, but each time I only skimmed the surface. This time the changes are much more complete--I choose one shelf, remove everything and put it all on the kitchen table, ruthlessly get rid of whatever needs to be gotten rid of, and then put things back in a more efficient fashion. I got some stackable shelves, and now my essential oils and gardening materials fit in the same shelf.

I also got some baskets for storing potatoes & onions & beans & grains.

We also put in a new incoming paper holder, which is far more space efficient than the old one.

There are still a few corners not yet decluttered, that pleasure will come tomorrow.

I also want to get up some good energy around cooking, which previously has been an obstactle for me.