Sunday, September 16

Mop, Hair, Cook

We mopped the floor today! Yes this is a rare event around here. And a fun one, too.

The oil soak was really good for my hair--it's much softer and shinier now. Still, I'm looking for a more lasting fix. I'm going to add some hair nutrients to my supplements: 5000mcg of biotin, and silica gel. Iron is also reputedly important for hair but I already get that from my multivitamin. And I'm due for some henna as well. The dandruff-freedom concoction seems to be working very well already.

I cooked a spicy potato dish from the new cookbook and added red lentils. It was delicious, but I accidentally made it way too spicy. I'm still recovering. Next I have in mind a rich little whole wheat bread with molasses, and a bean dish.

The weather is turning overcast and cool, which puts my minds towards crafts once again.