Thursday, October 18

Calling Inspiration

It's three in the morning, and I don't know what to cook next week.

The reason I care at all is because the grocery order has to be in by 9, and I'd certainly rather do it now... and since I am not overall a spontaneous cook, if I don't plan something yummy for next week we'll just end up with pre-made or restaurant food.

Tomorrow night I plan to make a combination of chicken breast with shallots and a version of eggplant caviar. Saturday we'll have Bosnian beans with bread, dandelion greens (sauteed I think), and maybe roasted beets. On Monday I'm planning to make lentils in butter with little spicy sausages, zucchini with onion garlic and mint, and rice. (There would be some yogurt in there as well.) However, the lentils after the beans might be a bit much?

And then for the rest of the week I ran out of ideas. I have sketched in "spaghettini with garlic" and later "something delicious with squash." None of the cookbooks are doing it for me. There's a squash and chickpeas with tahini dish I'm sort of hankering for but I don't quite trust it to be as good as it sounds. I'm wanting a moist sort of squash, some green leafy vegetables, and a good solid protein--I'd be happy with more beans but Gordan might be tired of them.

All right, white bean soup with winter vegetables it is!

Oops, was I thinking out loud?


  1. Dude, you are my cooking hero. The most exciting thing I made this week was toast with almond butter and jelly.

  2. Heck, last week I don't think I actually cooked anything. It's a new week though! You're traveling, how would you cook?