Friday, October 5

Essential Oil Blends

Another lovely blend: lemon, bergamot, and lemonbalm (10% diluted). Lemon and bergamot are like the two extremes of the citrus range--one tart and alert, the other deep and gentle. (Although perhaps grapefruit is even further along than lemon.) Yet together they blend effortlessly, creating what could seem to be a new citrus fruit. So this fairly round new scent is still eminently a citrus, to which you add the citrus-like yet very different scent of lemon balm--soothing and mild with an unusual, almost smoky green quality.

I recently got some lavender essential oil from Gaia Gardens. In general their prices are a bit high for the same quality you can get elsewhere for less. However, they have the best lavender oil I have used. It is subdued, and full, and welcoming, soft and strong at the same time. The other oils I've tried have been thin and woody to varying degrees... I should specify that I mean an unappealing woody, since woody can also be delicious... here the scent seems to me to be more pure. I am back to adding lavender to a wide variety of blends.