Tuesday, October 9

Exploring Ovens

I'm having fun and learning about new territory: baking!

The first step is to assemble the equipment, as we explorers know. However we explorers don't always know what equipment to assemble. I was hearing conflicting accounts: was the ideal surface on which to bake--the most important item--a baking sheet, or baking stone? I came across conflicting information, until I discovered this fantastic forum on breadmaking and other baking: The Fresh Loaf. They have informed me that you primarily want to bake on a baking sheet, with or without sides, and have generously given me lists of other important things to buy.

Now, I actually don't plan to leap into breadmaking quite yet. Breadmaking is a fairly vast world unto itself. I got into it years ago, in a very simple way of course, but I got a foretaste. (Also I'd like to borrow the bread cookbooks I'll use from the library, and the library is still closed due to the strike.) Right now I want to get into other things--cookies, galettes, quickbreads (and roasting). So I'm weighing what to buy now, since most of the advice is geared towards bread. What I'll probably want to do is to collect the first recipes I want to make--well perhaps including one or two bread recipes from Gail Sher's book--and pore over them, noting the equipment that I'll want to use for each. And buy that.

I've also gotten some information on local restaurant supply stores, so I'll check those before ordering anything over the internet.

I might also consider cleaning my oven, now that I think of it.