Friday, October 19

Perfect Hair Days

It turns out that the secret to perfect hair for me is to henna my hair every few months, oil it once a week, and tie a handkerchief or scarf over my hair as it's drying. This keeps the top smooth and shiny and well behaved, while below my ears the hair turns into big, subtle corkscrew curls.

What's left to discover is how to wash the oil out of my hair all at once. Baking soda doesn't do it, shampoo and diluted shampoo both seem to take two washes.


  1. Love it!! I thought you had straight hair though?? Do you curl it or does it just curl up naturally?

  2. I have "can't make up its mind hair"...

    If I just let it airdry without the little scarf, I get tight curls around my face, but all the rest of my hair is straight-wavy. Yet the curls flatten easily if I lean my head on something, more like wavy hair, and then I end up with curls near the top of my head and everything else semi-straight... it looks really weird! It didn't used to be so distinct. I've been told that because of the moisture here, people's hair does weird things...? I dunno.