Sunday, November 25

Christmas Shopping Online

We usually do most of our Christmas shopping on the internet. It's vastly easier, especially when Christmas includes traveling, and when some of your recipients of gifts live in different places.

Here are the sites I'm shopping from:

Things I Want Gift Registry - I've set up my wishlist here, and my shopping list for gifts that I want to buy. I've been keeping this for a couple months now and it's been very useful.

MoMa Store - Modern & design museum shops are great places to get unusual, interesting gifts.

LL Bean - They're having a free shipping "sale", even to Canada, so I'm getting a few practical gifts.

Nature's Gift - My favorite aromatherapy site, it's hard to go wrong here. Aside from the straight essential oils they have blends (which they call synergies), exquisite bath products, and some other mixes for external cleansing and health. (And some gift suggestions.) Oh, and they also have essential oil kits for someone who's just starting to get into essences. If you want to give a diffuser as a gift, I highly recommend the aromastone. While many of their products are a bit expensive (yes you are getting quality, but let's face it sometimes you need to safe money), if you get the "anointing" version of the synergies they cost less than $10 and are just as luxurious, in some ways more handy. I can also recommend Mountain Rose Herbs, though I wouldn't recommend buying precious oils from them, their quality there is not as good.

Occasional Gourmet - As I mentioned, I'm getting some spice mixes from here.

Perpetual Kid - Great for cheap stocking stuffers and silly gifts, especially if you are buying for the 13 to 18+ age set.

Bucky - Some of the nicest quality sleeping and back aids. They appear to be having a 25% sale, they don't say when it ends.

Freedom Filer - I can't vouch for it yet, but I've heard many rave reviews about this filing system. We'll get one for ourselves as well because our file is a bit unmanageable. Great for the 20 to 25+ age set. - As I mentioned before, these amber colored light filtering products help to maintain natural melatonin levels by absorbing blue light waves (amber, also known as orange, is the opposite of blue) which prevent the body from producing normal amounts of melatonin. Great for the insomniacs on your list. This is somewhere between a teasing stocking stuffer and a useful gift. The products here range from $4 lightbulbs to $80 glasses, so you take your pick.

Now & Zen - Home of the zen alarm clock. These are fantastic. For years I abstained because I felt they were too expensive and yuppie, but now I have decided that this is what alarm clocks should be like and if you can afford it, it's worth it. The small handy ones cost $100, they are not as conspicuous as the bigger clocks. $100 might be a bit much, but it's something to consider.

Update: Unclutterer has some great clutter-free gift suggestions, and more good ideas follow in the comments.

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