Saturday, November 10

A General Update: Classes & Music

I've also been reading SmellyBlog, a perfumer's blog. Lo my astonishment and excitement when I discover that said perfumer is located in Vancouver (where I live), and offers a fantastic course series called Botanical Alchemy... on perfumery, health, cooking, and bodycare with essences! I'd rather take the whole series, while only the last two classes are left now... I'll email and inquire.

I'm also planning to take a class in February, either on watercolour painting or portraiture.

Tonight Gordan and I went to a Suzanne Vega concert. Amazing. Astounding. A month or two ago we passed a poster about her concert. He pointed it out, I got all excited and then promptly forgot about it. A week or two later, he'd bought the tickets. Isn't he brilliant? I considered it a bit of a chore really... based on her second to last album Songs of Red and Gray I thought she'd changed far beyond the Suzanne Vega I knew and loved. In fact she has not. She sang lots of old songs, as well as songs from her new album. She has the same oval face and eyes, while looking her age in a wonderfully real way--a stunning combination. She talked a fair bit, and was quietly witty. The audience surrounding me was a little odd, but towards the end when some people were calling out requests I was impressed--I would really have liked to meet these local Vegaphiles! Anyway, I'm generally swoony about it.

While attentive to her lyrics and stories my thoughts became more fertile, as they often did while listening to that kind of music. We came home and had a fruitful discussion about creativity in our lives. I used to be a tremendously creative person, and now I am not. It is partly due to a gradual adaptation to Gordan who, while he adores all things inspired and unusual, is inclined to a very simple life himself. It is also partly the result of my old inner conflicts around art etc, increasingly resolved. We agreed to make more music together, one of the most accessible things for us, because it is one of Gordan's areas of greatest skill and I can generally sing as well. I still dither on whether to take ukulele classes or not. And I'll have to look and ask around further for a traditional folk songbook.

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