Saturday, December 1

Winter's Joy

Another really excellent blend. Regular readers (all three maximum of you!) will remember the rose & cinnamon blend for love and connection. Since we're having our first snow today, I wanted to make it with an extra winter spice touch, but nothing quite as obvious as orange and clove. It became:

Orange, rose (diluted), benzoin, cinnamon.

(By the way, I almost never give quantities, but usually they are given in order of greatest to least. Especially in this case, where cinnamon can be overwhelming in excess.)

For orange you could use a number of citrus essences; sweet orange, bitter orange, mandarin, or bergamot. I used bergamot because I was in a hurry and it was right there, but mandarin I think might be the most suitable.

The citrus essences give a sense of lightheartedness, playfulness, encouragement. The rose brings an atmosphere of love, while the benzoin evokes both strength and deep gentleness, mellowing cinnamon's powerful excitement and connection and psychic enlivening.

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