Monday, January 28


A few days ago I joined the smallish gym that is exactly a block away from my home. Tomorrow in the early afternoon I have an session with the personal trainer there. (His name is Romeo.)

The trainer isn't free, as they are at big gyms. However I've heard that the free trainers are only paid on commission and you can imagine this comes with downsides. Plus, it's cheaper than therapy! I actually meant to sign up for just one session... and I ended up with three. Have I mentioned that it's cheaper than therapy? Seriously though--my priority is to do this right, and I am an utter novice at this point.

For the past few nights, I've actually gone to sleep fantasizing about exercising. You see, a couple of years ago I worked on a farm for a year, among other involvements at the time. While it didn't seem like I was getting so much exercise at the time, in retrospect I was strong and very active. And I felt so good. I'm really looking forward to feeling that way again. And even though I'm not what you'd consider athletic, I'm looking forward to being able to go on long uphill walks, carry heavy stuff, and go skiing without breaking a sweat (so to speak).

I was planning on posting after the session, but I realized that I might be too pooped. I'll tell you how it goes!

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