Wednesday, January 16

Home Again

Happy New Year! We're back. Well, we've been back in Vancouver for some time; now I'm back here, as well. We had a lovely holiday with my family in New York. And now the days keep flowing on. Since coming back, we've decided to have a child sooner rather than later--or, as we call it, to "reproduce". I'll be starting a four month detox with my Naturopathic Doctor in February. And Gordan and I are working to get an even better routine in the home--not only to be prepared, but also because we'll both enjoy it. I'm also pleased to announce that I'm finally a permanent resident of Canada.

I've been enjoying reading about the primaries. I am so happy to see the historically great choices of candidates we have this year. However I've had to unsubscribe from my favorite political blogs, because I can't stand the suspense. Just tell me when it's over!

Aha, an update on the monkey prank! I prepared a printout for the internet, which announces to the innocent recipient that they're going to receive a new monkey--and follows with increasingly disturbing guidelines for the monkey's care. Dragana signed it and then sent it off from Trinidad. Unfortunately it didn't arrive until after I left, and no one suspected that I would have sent it! Finally I asked my brother about it. He reports that it was highly successful. While he and my mother now think it's a great joke, they couldn't figure out who it was from, and meanwhile my father has continued to worry that a shipment of monkey might arrive any day. Oh, how I wish I'd been there. My brother can now reassure my parents that no monkeys are coming.

I have lots of ideas for posts. Let's see if they become a reality!

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