Saturday, January 26

A Saturday

This morning Gordan, Dragana, Anselmo and I went to the farmer's market on the other side of the neighborhood. I bought apple cider, dried apricots, a few small potatoes, apples, little crunchy pears, six eggs, hazelnuts, hummus, and smoked cheddar. We also ate delicious crepes from the crepe stand, standing in what we Vancouverites consider the wintery wind.

Now Gordan and I are home, and he is writing. A dense flurry of little snowflakes falls and falls across the wide grey cityscape outside. Sigur Ros is playing, from Agaetis byrjun. I am nursing a cup of rich dark hot chocolate, and soon I will make some whole wheat Irish soda bread and salad. While heating up the squash & black bean & sweet potato soup that I made last night. I'll chop all the parsley we have and stir it in, then I'll shred the cheddar and sprinkle it on top of each bowl of creamy squash soup.

For the soup, I started by quick-soaking black beans (and kidney beans). I preheated the oven to 350, and took the squash we had--a kobocha I believe--and cut it in half, scooped out the seeds, then laid both halves face down in a baking dish. Then I added a quarter inch of water and baked them like this for forty minutes. And then I was browning onions, whole garlic cloves, and leeks in the bottom of a pot with grapeseed oil.

Then we went to a play, "Black Rider". When we got back, I drained and rinsed the beans, and then they tumbled into the pot. Gordan peeled and cut sweet potatoes into rough cubes, and those were added to the pot. Water was added, along with salt, bay leaves, and some mixed herbs. All of this boiled for an hour and a half. (Come to think of it, I shouldn't have added the salt until later.) Then I peeled the now-cool squash and added it to the soup, and squished it all with a handy potato masher, and refrigerated the result for the night.

That brings us up to the present moment...

The essential oil blend that I am diffusing as I cook: nutmeg, bergamot, jasmine.


  1. yum that makes me want hot chocolate and soup

  2. Hello, new reader! ;)

    Wow, and I love your blog, I will enjoy reading :)