Wednesday, March 26

Renewing and Refocusing

I've had a very tiny pregnancy scare this month. I say very tiny, because the chances of my being pregnant are still quite slim. Still, some things made me nervous. And I realized that my diet and health are still not up to fertility standards. I've been slacking lately. I've been drinking more alcohol--perhaps not enough to matter, but I think I'll keep it minimal from now on. I've been eating tuna. I'd stopped doing strength training (partly because I need more gym clothes, and haven't found them yet) and stopped counting calories. And in general my previous poor habits have not changed much. Although I do have something I can brag about--we are finally eating oatmeal every morning! Just as everyone said, pinhead oatmeal has a generally nicer texture than rolled oats. And now that I'm on an earlier schedule, it's no big deal to start the oatmeal cooking before sudden ravenous hunger sets in.

So I got out my copy of The Fertility Diet and brushed up on the details. By the way, I highly recommend this book. It's based on the results from the long-running, extremely thorough Nurses Health Study. While it's based on improving your fertility with nutrition, as it turns out good fertility is promoted with even blood sugar, a balance of hormones, and pretty much all the same stuff that is good for other aspects of your health as well. Not a big surprise when you think about it.

Here are the intentions I've come up with, in a bit of a jumble:

  • eat whole grains twice a day to start out with
  • breakfast: oatmeal with blackstrap molasses (for iron)
  • dinners: beans and other legumes for all dinners
  • for quick dinners, lentils and/or pastas...
    • whole grain pastas are best, combos are second best, but even refined pasta is apparently better than other refined carbs

  • yams instead of potatoes
  • have a fruit snack once a day
  • have nuts and seeds (especially pumpkin seeds for iron) once a day, ie with yogurt
  • take supplements more consistently!
  • eat fish (wild salmon, sardines) twice a week to start out with
  • some other good snacks: hummus, avocado with yogurt, popcorn
  • drink more water!

As someone who doesn't tend to eat that much overall, it seems a little overwhelming. The next step is to mold it into a flexible system that works for me.

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