Saturday, March 29

Basic Sewing & Embroidery Supplies

You can't sew with just fabric and books! So today we drove out to the dreaded Michael's in order to buy the rest of the necessary stuff.

This is the sewing basket I ended up buying. In the store I merely thought it was the least hideous, but now I find it cute and charming. It is smaller than would be ideal though. And it was on sale, hurray! Let's look inside...

This basket visibly contains: (1) purple fan shaped needle holder, containing pins (2) four spools of thread (3) one of two cloth marking pencils, made of chalk or something (4) empty embroidery spools peeking out--forget the proper term for these (5) the essential tomato pincushion (6) the bottom of a hera marker. Invisibly, it also contains: (7) an exacto knife, covered (8) the other cloth marking pencil, (9) a very small spool of ribbon (10) a seam ripper (11) embroidery needles (12) sewing needles (13) a small pair of scissors (14) measuring tape (15) a crochet needle which apparently is the best thing for pushing in stuffing (16) the needles we already had that I just found. Whew.

Here we have the stuff that doesn't fit into the sewing basket: fabric scissors, another spool of ribbon, three embroidery hoops (I was indecisive about sizes, and Gordan insisted that they were cheap enough that I should get them all, and save time instead), a package of 35 skeins of embroidery floss, two sizes of stencil film for transferring and saving patterns, and cotton quilt batting... because they had no regular cotton stuffing, only polyester. I'm hoping I can use this instead, after a little mushing up.

You'd think after all this time I'd be dying to start sewing, right? As it turns out, before sewing I should wash and dry the fabrics. And I am way too lazy for that toady. So instead, this is what I did after returning from the store. I cut out the pattern shapes onto the stencil paper, and wound the embroidery floss onto the little spools. There are only twenty six spools for my thirty five skeins, so there are a few left over.

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