Monday, March 31

A Remedy for Dark Circles

I'm a big fan of Nature's Gift, a high quality, personable source for essential oils and related materials. In particular, they're the best source I've found so far for precious oils (such as rose, etc). I'm also loving some of their body products, especially the shea souffle which I finally got around to ordering. Mmm, so good.

Anyway, that was not the point of this post. As I was browsing around on the site earlier today, for whatever reason, I noticed that they suggest using highly diluted helichrysum essential oil on dark circles under the eyes. (They have more information on the marvels of helichrysum for other purposes here.) I emailed them to ask exactly what level of dilution they recommend--they replied, 2% at most.

Alas when I went to try it I found that my helichrysum oil no longer smells right. It was diluted (10%) in jojoba oil and I guess that carrier oil finally turned. So I'm going to have to get some new helichrysum. But I'm very excited to try this out.

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  1. Hello Sasha, does the essential oil you mentioned your your article work?