Tuesday, March 25

Summer Travels

Lately I've been planning our summer travels. Because Gordan is in academia, the summer starts early for us--absurdly early. Last summer, as we trekked about Europe in the heat of August, to some extent missing the cool of Vancouver, I swore we'd make use of this virtue and do our traveling early in the summer instead. So that's what we're planning. Immediately after school ends, Gordan is going to a conference in London, where he's also promised to pick up the very expensive and very heavy encyclopaedia of magical uses of plants that we spotted last year. Then we're going to the east coast to spend most of May with my family in New York City, and some time with my lovely friend Leila in Cape Cod. Towards the end of May we'll borrow my parents' extra car and drive down to a conference in Charleston, and then head back home. We'll most likely also make a blended-family-road-trip to the east coast in the later summer, because for one thing certain members of the blended family don't have an early summer vacation, and for another thing because I have been missing the Cape, and I need to spend a little time there in the hot season to truly savor my time there.

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