Monday, May 12

Reading and Reference on "Yes"

There's a part of this blog that doesn't get much attention, which some people might find interesting. At the bottom of the right hand bar of links and miscellanea, there's a a grey and white box titled "What I'm Reading". It links to the last seven posts or articles which I've clicked to "share" on my feed reader. If you go here, it'll show you pretty much all the posts I've ever shared. I read quite a few blogs and feeds nowadays. (Aren't "blog" and "feed" both ungainly words compared to the old fashioned "journals" and "magazines"?) I share a small percentage of what I read, the best and most interesting.

Above that, which you're more likely to have noticed, there are a few batches of categorized links. There are two that are worth bringing to everyone's attention: Food Blog Search and Craft Blog Search. As the blurb says on the Craft Blog Search, with these you get to "search the best [food/craft] blogs while eliminating splogs and inactive blogs
that clog the results on most search engines." I don't know what splogs are... but the gist of it is that somebody listed a whole bunch of good food & craft blogs, and made up a search through Google that would search only these sites. That way you can search for a recipe or craft tutorial, and get more refined results than you would through a regular search.

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