Monday, May 12

Two Days

Ah, I'm so content right now, after a simple dinner of pasta with olive oil and garlic (and onion and portobello and asparagus) sauce. Gordan did most of the cooking, while I did the dishes before and after, and gave advice.

Earlier he had gone out for a few hours, in which I listened to Abraham and got some clarity and adjustment on a sense of struggle I'd been developing. He came back with a book on nature spirits which I'd never seen before. Soon after that we spotted Dragana and Anselmo walking down the street, thanks to Dragana's orange striped Mexican sweater. We called to them from the porch, and they came up to our apartment. There we sat around the dining table and talked for quite awhile, mostly about magick, as always. As we spoke, one of the flowers of our jasmine plant slowly opened.

After I had finished washing up after dinner, I put on one drop of undiluted rose absolute, and three drops of elemi. Heavenly.

Listening to Abe was so useful. I laughed when the very first track that came on--from one of the cruise recordings, which I thought I had excluded from that playlist as they aren't my favorite format--was about action, non-action, productivity and procrastination. Pretty much exactly the main thing that I was struggling with. Intellectually, the message wasn't a great revelation, but it was a great reminder--pay attention to how you feel, first. And in general just listening to Abe talking on any subject puts me in a much better, much easier and happier frame of mind.

While they were talking I also got a couple reminders on my own. First, a reminder of a message from last night, that came through just as I was falling asleep. I'd been reminded of the time when I was slowly deciding to leave California, where I'd lived and worked with great joy and passion for a year. I'd decided to wait a year and then move to Vancouver and marry Gordan, and yet some events came together which nudged me to do it right away. I thought to myself, back then there were two forces acting on me--one force calling me to stay, one force calling me to Vancouver. What are the forces acting on me now calling me towards? The answer was "Simplicity. A simpler life. Shed all extraneous attachments." (With the last sentence comes a visual of a barnacled outer layer being sloughed off.) And then a little later a reminder of a past message: "Do not put the center of your attention in him, put the center of your attention in yourself." Sometimes I can get caught up in the reflexivity that comes out of always having someone to talk to (and always taking advantage of that).

Sunday was an absolutely lovely day, too. (I really wish I'd get into the habit of taking the camera.) Mother's day almost seemed to be an accidental festival on the Drive, the main street of our neighborhood. It was a fairly sunny day, thanks to the winds. We headed out to brunch, not because it was mother's day, but because Gordan was craving french toast. We ended up spotting Dragana and her daughter Cailleach walking by, on their way to do a little clothes shopping. (Hm, I'm noticing a pattern.) We called them in, and they sat at the table next to us and drank their favorite, shirley temples. We had a really nice conversation about the trip to New York, and my identity crisis, as Gordan called it.

They went on, and when we were finished we went to the florist. I was very amused and said to Gordan that he is probably one of very few men who buy flowers for their ex wives on mother's day. He got her a very pretty posy, and since he wanted to get something for me too I chose a small pot of those lovely lacy pink geraniums that I'd been wanting anyway. Once in the shop they charged us three dollars for the geraniums instead of eight dollars and change, because they said they just wanted to get everything out. Then we went and found Dragana and Cailleach in one of the local used clothing shops, "My Sister's Closet". In the back of that shop there's an area that is more of a typical thrift store, with old books and plates and random things. They had very pretty mugs and teacups, though not quite what I'd want to bring home. Looking through them, I found this beautiful blue painted vase, and I bought it for two fifty.

Walking back in the direction of home, on the sunny side of the street, we were passed by a little parade--about eight people dressed and made up in old fashioned black and white, moving slowly, and pantomiming as if they were dancing, drinking, and playing music. The person in the back had a giant black and white puppet. As we passed the front woman said to me "The pirates have landed! A Ukranian will be calling you." At first I thought I'd misheard. We walked on, and ended up in a lovely little park nearby, which had just been beautifully redone. A neighborhood group was throwing a potluck for everyone, although there were just a few bison burgers left. Gordan, Cailleach, Dragana and I sat around in the sun, chatted, and listened to the accordion that someone was playing in the pleasant cacophany of accoustic guitars. Well, the day continued on like that for a bit longer. Eventually we wandered home, and ate Chinese food while watching "The Shop Around The Corner", a lovely 40s movie set in Hungary--Jimmy Stewart made a slightly more believable Hungarian than you might expect.


  1. What a great post! I am so glad you posted a comment on my blog so that I could find yours. I am a devoted beliver in the Law of Attraction and my husband and I are always keeping an eye out for those signs that seem to guide our lives to all the places we are meant to be. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That's wonderful, and thanks :D