Thursday, July 31

De Retour

Hallo! Imagine me saying that in a loud old lady voice, with an unplaceable accent. Hallooo! Je suis de retour! That is to say, I'm back.

Perhaps you noticed my complete silence for the last two months. Or perhaps you didn't. As it turns out, since this blog is about domesticity and productivity, I had absolutely nothing to say on those subjects for all this time. I could have been charming and clever, like the more professional bloggers, and posted some lovely summery photos. But really, blogging was the last thing on my mind. As I mentioned, we spent two months visiting my family. The first month (after a quick conference for Gordan in South Carolina) we were in New York City, acting as if we lived there. I was thrilled to discover the Salmagundi Art Club, which is a club vaguely like all those old style men's clubs--but for artists, apparently, any artists. They are so welcoming that when Gordan and I skipped up the steps on our late night constitutional in search of a peek and a pamphlet or two, they opened up the closed photography exhibit just for us. I also discovered that my favorite yoga center, Jivamukti, has opened up an uptown center (closer to my parents' place) again.

A woman dancing to some swing music in Central Park.

At some point during this time, I found myself feeling frantic and overwhelmed. I had to stop and laugh at myself and reframe the situation. I had so little to do, so little I could do--how could I feel overwhelmed? Clearly it was a case of "you take yourself with you". I resolved to be more mellow and relaxed about everything. And from then on, I was.

Shortly thereafter, there actually was something to do; Gordan had to get a manuscript out, and since the publishers provide no editor and English is not his first language, editing was my job. So we spent some time on that. Life basically consisted of editing in the beginning of the day, and walks in the park during the afternoon or downtown at night, almost always coming across a musical group or two.

Once the manuscript was sent off, our other family from Vancouver arrived shortly thereafter. It was so wonderful have everybody there. We whisked them off to a Fourth of July in Outer Cape Cod, and eventually figured out how to get everybody back. For me, this was a fun but busy adventure where I had to be the one who stayed on top of the organizing of food and amusements. I had planned to visit my dear friend Leila, but really didn't have the time. So when my mother needed someone to drive up to the Cape with her again a few days later, I took that opportunity and spent a few more days up on the Cape until Leila and I could hang out for a little over twenty four hours. We talked practically nonstop. How nice! Leila is one of my very best friends, thanks to the genius of whoever was matching freshman roommates when we went to college. I hadn't seen her since she was maid of honor at my wedding almost two years ago.

After that, we returned to the City and the last week whizzed by. That was my two month trip! I think my month in Europe last summer lasted longer, somehow. Anyway it was so nice in so many ways. I got to reconnect with my dear family, at last, which is essential since I'm not a telephone person. I even got to hang out with my wonderful and elusive brother a bit. I got to know the new family dog Roxie, and hang out with my favorite of the two parrots, Kiwi. I also got to experience the pleasures of having a dishwasher--boy, do I want one.

Alas, I don't yet have that good blogging habit of taking lots of lovely pictures. The photos I took don't do a great job of representing what the trip was like. Nonetheless, many are interesting on their own account. I've made a photoset with all the pictures, and explanatory captions underneath each. My brother also made a photoset of the pictures he took, most with beautiful film--nowadays when they develop your roll of film, they also put all the pictures on a cdrom for you. There's also a photoset for our long weekend in Charleston at the beginning of the trip.

Next post: Ever since we've been back...

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  1. I must say, it was a really quite packed 24 hours! xxLeila