Monday, August 11

The loving embrace: vetiver, elemi, bergamot

Late at night, I'm still up, daydreaming about painting my apartment and getting more done. I'm inspired to make my surroundings more lovely and hospitable now. I first go to put essential oils on the diffuser. Often, especially at night, I'll diffuse frankincense by itself, because it is just that pleasurable that it doesn't even need accompaniment. Tonight I was considering adding bergamot or rose. But none of these were quite right. What feeling was I going for? An earthy, gentle embrace. Ah, vetiver! I pulled the vetiver out. Should I add bergamot? I smelled the vetiver and bergamot in close succession and decided that one drop of bergamot would be nice. Then I added elemi, to lighten the vetiver--elemi is an essence that does not draw attention to itself, but opens up other essences, makes them more spacious and less heavy or cloying.

The combination is really beautiful and unique, which I think owes a lot to the quality of the vetiver I am using.

One regret I have in my obsession with essential oils--it is hard to really immerse oneself in them. They are such an ephemeral experience. If you use the right amount, they will waft in and out of your perception. If you want to experience them fully and use a lot, they may become overwhelming, or else your senses may simply tune them out. Individual oils are easier to commit to sensory and emotional memory, but it seems as if blends, though they become their own entities with unique influences, play on the edge of our awareness.

What does happen, energetically, when we blend the essences of several plants? I would love to know.

Edited to add: If you try this blend, be careful to use very little vetiver, as it can be overpowering. I'm using 4 drops of elemi, 1 drop of vetiver, 1 drop of bergamot. I'll try it with lemon instead of bergamot soon.

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