Wednesday, August 13

A Ramble About Books; and a Cooking Oil Pamphlet

I recently read the book "Speed Cleaning". It's not hard to imagine what it's about; specifically the author runs a housecleaning company in San Francisco which was very focused on cleaning as fast as possible. He took a relatively scientific approach, timing different methods, and found the quickest way to clean a house. These rules summarize almost everything that's in the book, although the book itself unpacks them in a way that is easier to fully grasp.

However, they aren't very oriented towards ecofriendly cleaning solutions, at least not by contemporary standards. (The book I read was updated in '91.) I make my own cleaning solutions now, but this system calls for more solutions than I currently use, and I want to learn more about how homemade cleaning solutions work. So I've been browsing Amazon for green cleaning book suggestions, and then requesting them from my library. While looking through the excerpt of one of these books, I came across this great link: it's a "kitchen guide" or pamphlet made up by Spectrum Organics on different cooking oils, especially their respective smoke points, and therefore what their uses are in cooking. Very handy! Keep in mind that once an oil goes over its smoke point it may taste bad and can often become carcinogenic. Here is Spectrum's link to the kitchen guide, and here it is in pdf format.

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