Monday, September 1


My dear friend Bug has convinced me to buy some soapnuts. I've been tempted by them before, but regular laundry has been working for us. However our towels have been getting some lingering mildew, even after they're washed in hot water... a common problem in Vancouver, where there is so much rain. Apparently this may be partly because of detergent buildup, which the soapnuts may clear away. Here's hoping! In any case, you can also use soap nuts to make a very mild shampoo... and apparently there are myriad other uses. I'll report back with my experiences when they arrive.


  1. I am eager to hear!! Our towels do the same thing, I often strip them with hot water and vinegar but Soapnuts sounds like more fun :)

  2. I hope that your soap nuts experience is as good as ours was for getting rid of the mildewy smell. They also work well for cloth diapers.

  3. Finally getting back to this! I've been using them all this time. I'm generally satisfied with them, but they do seem to have replaced the mildewy smell with a soapnut smell which is not ideal. This only becomes noticeable with our dishtowels, when we use them on the dish rack. I was also concerned that they were staining my towels but I suspect that actually came from dirt on cleaning rags.