Thursday, October 30

Good Mag Is Hard To Find

Normally, I don't subscribe to magazines. I will buy a few, occasionally, when I'm traveling. While visiting my family this summer, on a whim I bought a copy of Body + Soul Magazine. I read it through, and was quite impressed. (By the way, the website is not very representative of the magazine.)

While reading, I often am amused at how successfully and simply they have pegged my demographic--women, interested in health, the environment, natural living, and happiness. While I'm sure there is plenty of research and market-think behind this choice, I'm sure it also came about because many of the women and men involved in the magazine have moved in this direction themselves. The magazine is really quite grounded and largely gimmick-free, I find. They don't need gimmicks, of course, because they're covering real subjects of real interest with real information.

I got the latest issue today, and the sheer quality of it really makes me happy. (And I'm damned picky.) I have been keeping the last few issues, because even though I've read them once, it's actually of value to read them over again--even just a few weeks later. Yet I could happily declutter them by passing them on--knowing that I am giving something of real value to the friends or strangers who take them.

As a side note, you know what else I'd like to subscribe to? A publication that was all about "fitness motivation." I want to be spammed with the benefits of being physically fit, regularly and frequently. I don't mind if there's lots of repetition so long as they vary the phrasing and layout a bit, and throw in just a bit of variety now and then. In fact, maybe repetition would be a good thing. I could really use a frequent and regular reminder.

Monday, October 27

My Ideal Bedroom

After pondering this bedroom conundrum from decor8, I thought I'd post about the bedroom decor I have in my head. This is what my bedroom looks like now.

This is what I want to do with my bedroom:

1. declutter the closet

2. install light-blocking curtains for nighttime light pollution

3. paint it with the lazure technique in a gentle violet, like this picture of Charles Andrade's work

4. install this Akari light and convert to a dimmer switch

5. install shelves that look like these from Atlas Industries, real wood with 'built in bookends'

6. buy this bedstead (only concern: fabric can get dirty, few color choices)

In fact with this bedstead, we could have the bed off the wall--since the headboard is enough on its own--and then we could have shelves on both walls in the bedroom.

Or perhaps one of these beds would be better, since we seriously do need some more storage for linens and old clothes...

Saturday, October 11

Too Much Funny

I discovered these hilarious Saturday Night Live skits online recently...

Thursday, October 9

Imaginary Brown Quilt Progress

These are the fabrics I'm planning to use for a quilt, the one I wanted to make based on a overall tan/cream group of colors. The blue forest and brown bird fabrics are to be the 'centerpieces', most of the other fabrics are gentle light/dark brown and yellow, and the pink and red fabrics will be accents.

Now I would just like to find a pattern to more or less follow. I was planning to use Kaffe Fassett's "Morning Garden Quilt" pattern from "Kaleidoscope of Quilts", but I think I want something with larger blocks especially for the two primary fabrics... in such a way that the shapes are harmonious and well balanced.

Tuesday, October 7

Blends are Back

Today's essential oil blend, inspired by this post from Tigers & Strawberries and meant to go well with cooking: yuzu absolute (a pungent, pleasantly sour citrus), cumin, black pepper, and sandalwood. It's really lovely and surprisingly subtle.

I haven't been making blends for awhile, because the ceramic diffuser has been in our bedroom. After reading this article on sleep and scents, I decided to diffuse rose absolute in the bedroom. Actually I left the diffuser without electricity, because when actively diffusing the smell was too strong. It had a lovely effect for quite awhile. In the meantime, my nebulizer only had lavender in it.