Monday, October 27

My Ideal Bedroom

After pondering this bedroom conundrum from decor8, I thought I'd post about the bedroom decor I have in my head. This is what my bedroom looks like now.

This is what I want to do with my bedroom:

1. declutter the closet

2. install light-blocking curtains for nighttime light pollution

3. paint it with the lazure technique in a gentle violet, like this picture of Charles Andrade's work

4. install this Akari light and convert to a dimmer switch

5. install shelves that look like these from Atlas Industries, real wood with 'built in bookends'

6. buy this bedstead (only concern: fabric can get dirty, few color choices)

In fact with this bedstead, we could have the bed off the wall--since the headboard is enough on its own--and then we could have shelves on both walls in the bedroom.

Or perhaps one of these beds would be better, since we seriously do need some more storage for linens and old clothes...

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