Wednesday, November 12

The Broomcloset Revolution

It's really hard to take pictures of our broom closet, because there's little space and far less light. So forgive the photographs, as I proudly introduce you to the revolutionized broom closet!



As you can see, we put up a pegboard on the back wall. Vive la Revolution!

Saturday, November 1

A Good One

Tonight's blend: lemon, cumin, rose, ginger, patchouli, and clove. Mmmm.

Shoes, Food, and News

This is what I'm enjoying today: my new slippers. They're exactly what I needed for my perpetually cold feet in my perpetually drafty apartment... and I don't have to take them off when I'm curled up on the futon, because they're sort of socks too. They've also got a nice layer of foam over the soles. [Update: these types of slippers don't air out and dry very efficiently, so they get mildewy more quickly than regular slippers. Ew.]

I've been cooking more lately. We recently made pasta with dried mushrooms and tomato sauce. It was a bit disappointing, because the dried morels I used were tasteless, for whatever reason. However I think, minus the dried mushrooms, and halving the amount of pasta because I like a lot of sauce, I'll use it as my basic pasta and tomato sauce recipe from now on.

Then I made soup with winter greens and chickpeas, using cooked chickpeas rather than canned. I really love this soup. I'm going to work on the recipe though--change certain details, and try to coax a deeper, earthier taste out of it. So hopefully you'll be seeing an altered version of it here.

And have I mentioned that I switched to saving my recipes in MacGourmet? That little application has been getting a workout in the last few days, as the recipes have been pouring in off the web. Great inspiration, especially from The Kitchn, Simply Recipes, Bitten, Kalofagas, Mighty Foods, Smitten Kitchen, Desert Candy, the list goes on and on...

Meanwhile we're having a small election night tv-viewing party here on Tuesday (of course). We got cable just so that we could watch the election returns come in! And we're canceling it shortly afterwards... I think tv really needs tivo to be worthwhile. Anyway, I'm planning to make a snacky dinner. More harvest themed than election themed, and with a signature cocktail of some kind. Any ideas? I'll tell you what we come up with...