Thursday, January 8

Desktop in the Sky

It seems that I have the tendency to post in the beginning of each month, and then forget about the blog until the next month. Since it's a new month, here come the posts! Disregarding the fact that it's actually the middle of January, that is. You know, I am going to make an actual effort to post more frequently from now on. I'll aim for about twice a week.

What has been on my mind since that engrossing topic, Christmas decorations, faded away? Well, I got a new mac, after the hinge on my old laptop broke. Since then, I've been having fun with downloads. Really--there's some amazing stuff out there. For some reason I've ended up with an astronomical theme on my computer. Here is my much loved desktop, right now:

Look at that. On the left you can see the daytime, in the middle there's the nighttime, and on the right there's moonlight. This is all updated, accurately, in realtime, via the application Earthdesk. I love it because it's beautiful, and also because it keeps me aware of the nearing of dusk when I'm absorbed in the computer and prone to losing track of time. There's also a brilliant new feature: do you see those clouds? They're not actually satellite images, but they are reconstructed images based on up to the minute meteorological data. There are some days where the cloud formations are absolutely beautiful and fascinating. All this updates pretty much as frequently as you choose. The image will be centered on whichever location you select.

And then I found an application called MoonMenu which shows the current phase of the moon in the menu bar, as well as a bunch of almanac-style information in a drop down menu.

There's also astronomical widgets such as the moon phases, and the stars in your area. And of course, it's easy to find weather widgets.

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