Monday, January 19

Sweet Beans

We've been eating well these past few days, from a black bean stew that I made. Ever since I moved from California to Vancouver, I've had little success when cooking beans. Suddenly, with this recipe, beans are delicious again--rich and creamy, and even distinctly sweet. Was it the sweetness of butternut squash that permeated the beans? In any case, this would be a great recipe to use as a base for bean experimentation.

I baked this cornbread to go with it. I was impressed with the technique of baking butter in the pan before adding the batter--it makes it much easier to pull the cornbread pieces from the baking dish. Again, a basic, reliable recipe.

And don't forget the big slabs of good quality butter. Yum!

Later, as you can see, I lunched on "avocado stuffed with andean bean stew with chips". Delicious, classy leftovers.

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