Thursday, April 30

Incongruously Wintery Ski Trip

While the rest of the world was reveling in Spring, I went on a belated ski trip in Whistler with my mother and brother, who were visiting from New York. We planned it for the beginning of April, which I think would have been perfect timing. And then because of unforseen circumstances, we delayed it to the end of April. Well that was stretching it, but we still got in some marvelous skiing, and a little snowy hiking. Then I came back to a Vancouver that's practically in the grips of summer now, which I'm just getting used to again. I wish I could speed up the process of getting to summer's heat, and simultaneously slow down the seasons of flowers, especially all the flowering trees.

Skiing isn't very compatible with taking pictures, I find, but I still got a few favorites from the trip.

Wednesday, April 29

Splendid Podcasts

Perhaps a year ago, a cookbook called "How to Eat Supper" came out. It emerged from the radio show about cooking called The Splendid Table. I remember everyone talking about the cookbook, especially the method of cooking rice mentioned therein. Each review would begin "I've been listening to The Splendid Table a long time..." and each time I'd think to myself "A radio show about cooking? How could that possibly work, if it's just talking, and there can't even be any pictures..."

Well, recently I was subscribing to podcasts to listen to while knitting. And on a whim I subscribed to The Splendid Table. After all, the podcast is free, and then you can listen to the shows whenever you want, and save them. Eventually I got around to listening, and I have been so impressed. Lynne Kasper, the host, is wonderful. Every time she says "mhmm" it sounds like her mouth is watering at the thought of whatever she's hearing about. When people call in, asking about any food-related subject under the sun, it's incredible how she can turn a seemingly bland or obscure subject into a font of delicious ideas. And the segments with guests and so on are so diverse and full of useful information.