Saturday, May 2

May Day Play in the Dirt

I spent yesterday doing some long-awaited gardening. It's traditional for me to start gardening later in the year than is ideal, but in this case I was waiting on a new planter... and then I was waiting on a replacement part... and then there was the ski trip and so on. Oh well, it's sort of luxurious to start gardening on a very summery May 1st. I even got a pleasantly mild sunburn.

There's isn't much to show for it yet. I shifted a lot of potting soil (full of marigold and violet seeds) from planters and pots that are being given away or retired, and transplanted a lavender, late tulips and a straggling patch of violets, as well as some gooseflower roots that I hope are still alive. I also brought our Christmas tree outdoors and moved the worm bin. And I planted some seeds: morning glory, moonflowers, sweet peas, scarlet runner bean, butterfly bush, mammoth dill, and flax. Here are some pictures. On the further end of our porch you can see the old planters which still hold soil and plants. As far as the rubbermaid bins go, one holds extra potting soil, and the other one is what we receive our grocery order in, we just store it out on the porch.

I think for this year I'll add some organic fertilizer to the potting soil, order another planter, use up a lot of my old "what was I thinking buying all these" seeds, and fill in with some transplants from the nursery. As far as long term decisions go, I'll leave most of them to next year. In general I struggle with this kind of small scale gardening because there's so much that I want to do, I try to do a little of everything and the containers end up rather chaotic. I think that the kind of porch garden that would make me happiest at this point is a low-maintenance one with greenery in the winter and flowers in the warm seasons, as much vines as possible over the porch rails, and a modest production of vegetables such as cherry tomatoes (mmm).

I also brought some chickweed that I was pulling up into the kitchen, and added it to a turkey and cheese sandwich that was sadly lacking in greenery.

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