Tuesday, May 5

More Knitting

Here's what I've finished lately. The star is this new Clapotis, in pink.

I was desperate for an early spring scarf; it had to be soft and beautiful and fun. It also had to be adaptable, so that it could keep me so warm that it could replace winter's sweaters and cowls, and yet unlike those winter woolens it could easily be unwrapped to provide a little less warmth, for balmier days. And it had to brightly chase away winter's drabness. With the black and white Clapotis I had the right yarn, and the right pattern, but not the right colors. So I chose another colorway, "rupestre", which after a quick search seems like it's named after a flowering sedum. It's really the perfect color for me--I thought it might be, since the lipsticks that suit me are usually this color too. And the color goes well with my favorite dark green trench coat. I wanted this scarf so much that I spent two days doing nothing but working on it, in order to finish up the second half.

I also finished two more Ariosa Cowls. Brioche is such a relaxing way to knit, it somehow seems to pleasantly stretch the hands after lots of regular knitting. The first one is my favorite, in Silk Garden scraps:

And the second one is with Silk Garden Chunky, a yarn with a softer texture but duller colors:

This pattern is so hard to decipher. I got stuck on the join, even though I'd done it once before, and even our brilliant knitting instructor took awhile to puzzle it out again. This time around I drew a diagram for myself, so I hope that for future Ariosa Cowls that'll be easier.

Since finishing these projects I've mainly been knitting a Karius with Kauni EQ, a rainbow yarn. It's a simple pattern, great for knitting while traveling as I was. I'm now setting that aside to focus on the Baby Surprise Jacket, which is made much easier, because Schoolhouse Press just published a new version of the pattern, which is far more detailed and accessible to the not-quite-genius-knitters among us! All of which was great timing for me. I'm still swatching and deciding which yarn to use, and having lots of fun with color.

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