Friday, July 24

Chickpeas & Greens Parmesan Salad, and Braised Potatoes with Garlic

We had a lovely summer dinner tonight--chickpeas & greens parmesan salad, and braised potatoes with garlic.

For the salad, we prepared these chickpeas a la Orangette. Then we prepared a salad of lettuce, sun sweet cherry tomatoes, and cucumber, with more olive oil and lemon juice to boost the dressing, and mixed the chickpeas in.

I've been saving the braised potatoes with garlic recipe for a long time--it just looked good. And it turned out even more delicious than I expected. I did change the recipe slightly though--I minced the garlic, and added it in the middle of the 20 minutes of simmering. I also added the rosemary at the beginning of the boiling down of the sauce. This recipe gets high praise from us--the potatoes reach that luscious point of holding their shape on the plate but dissolving in the mouth. And they're wonderfully lightly flavorful--an excellent mild but still interesting complement to the main dish.

And altogether this was a great combination, an extremely light dinner but with the chickpeas and potatoes still delivering satisfaction.

And for dessert, cherries in whipped cream with a touch of agave nectar.

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