Monday, November 30

Consider the Library

A lot of people avoid using their libraries, because they so often end up with late books and fines. Nowadays, most libraries have electronic requesting, reminder and renewing systems. So if you've been avoiding your local library, you might check it out again. Library books are a wonderful way to read indulgently without having to spend indulgently, and also a great way to get access to books you don't want to keep, or to look over a book thoroughly before you decide to buy it. Sometimes books that are out of print and hard to buy are easy to find through the library. One of my favorite ways to unwind is to walk to our local library, take out a bunch of books on all sorts of subjects that make me happy, stroll home, and then spend the next few hours immersed in all those books.

If you do have fines on your account, bear in mind that as long as the librarian you're talking to has the authority to do so, they're usually very generous about deleting those fines. And finally, think of the occasional moderate fine as a donation to support the library.

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