Saturday, January 23

Further Adventures in the Life of Our Author

Hurrah! A couple of years after emigrating to Canada, I have finished importing my car. I am so pleased to be able to drive it again. It opens up Vancouver's further mountains and beaches to exploration and adventure. Yesterday--or was it the day before? We bought 52 Best Day Trips From Vancouver; while I wish this book was more visual and thorough, it's a great basic resource. (I'm looking for more photo-heavy, touristy books to fill the same purpose.) So today we headed off to Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. The drive there and back demonstrated that our navigational skills need some brushing up! And by "our" I mean my husband Gordan's, because my navigational skills are infamous at best. Thank God for iphones, although I guess everybody else has a GPS by now.

Whytecliff Park is spectacularly beautiful, with many little stone stairs winding their way up a cliff on one side, leading to amazing views of the water, and a beach that must be lovely in the summer, and leads into a protected marine sanctuary oved by scuba divers, and a neat peninsula that is great for climbing. The only downside is that it's a bit too small to get any serious exercise with the walks. There may have been more trails at the other side of the parking lot--we decided not to explore. On the way home, we saw a lovely short wide rainbow. In addition to the pictures in this post, I made a photoset on flickr.

Then we stopped at Banyan Books and Aphrodite's Cafe, one of our favorite excursions. I got Builders of the Pacific Coast, which looks like great fun--I love hand built home books on so many levels--and an African finger harp, and a couple of pretty stones that Gordan got for me--a luminous little moonstone, and some black quartz. And then we ate! Aphrodite's Cafe is always nice, but in particular they have the most heavenly salads. I rather regret that I got a chocolate cream pie instead of a blueberry pie, but at least my curiosity is now satisfied.

Afterwards, I came home to a bounty of Mediterranean cookbooks from the library. I am most in love with the vegetarian Mediterranean Harvest by Martha Rose Shulman, but Olives & Oranges and Mediterranean Grains and Greens get honorable mentions. Will there be some of these delicious recipes in our near future? God, I hope so.

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