Thursday, April 8

Cicada Song

Last night I saw Jonsie (of Sigur Ros) give a performance. He's releasing a new solo album "Go," and apparently he's kicking off a tour from Vancouver, curiously enough. It's really worth going. I am not always engaged by musical performances, but often last night I was transfixed in a way that I've never been before. He also has a "light show" consisting of stunning, well crafted projected animation and stage design that, though it varies in quality in this show, at its best takes you on a beautiful, stark, warped journey quite similar to the visual play that one often engages in while listening to music deeply and privately... but it draws you out into this journey and performance in a way that is just unlike anything else as an experience, as well as being technically wondrous.

One of my favorite things about rock concerts, which I actually rarely attend, is discovering new musicians through the opening band. Okay, this has only happened once before, before I start sounding like I know what I'm talking about--Darren Hanlon opened for the Magnetic Fields, ages ago, and that was a happy discovery for me. (There aren't enough songs about squash.)

Opening for Jonsie was Death Vessel, which is to say Joel Thibodeau. He stood out there awkwardly, and then launched straight into the most powerful, pure song, nonsensical and direct... "Deep In the Horchata." You can listen to it through myspace here. I've been listening to it over and over since then.

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