Sunday, May 23

The Spy Sagas

Do you like spy movies? I love them. The real ones, like Jason Bourne, and the bumbling ones, like Inspector Clouseau and The Man Who Knew Too Little. Good spy movies don't come out too often. I've just discovered this great British spy show, which is sort of like a (currently) 72 hour long spy movie. Yes, that's what I've been watching lately--in reality it's a short term addiction, but doesn't it sound better to call it a marathon--or even "the spy sagas." Oh, I haven't told you which show it is, have I? In the States it's called MI-5, while in the UK it's called Spooks.

I'm definitely into spy movies for the intrigue, not the violence--although I will admit that on the rare occasion that it's really well done, as in the first Jason Bourne movie, I am impressed. (As a semi-pacifist, I find this a bit embarrassing.) Still, in most movies and shows it's decidedly excessive. And sometimes in other scenes they lay the suspense on too heavily. I find that if I just mute the music during these scenes, it's not so over the top intense. But then maybe other people aren't as easily overstimulated by such things as background music, heh.

I must admit that since I discovered itunes subscriptions, tv shows have become a new vice. What are your favorite shows lately?

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